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How does work?
Once you have made contact with us through either a telephone call or the website we will arrange to visit. on this visit we will give you a free no obligation valuation. on acceptance we will aim to get your money to you within 24 hours.
Why should i use
Our staff have experience of the taxi industry and can therefore meet your needs. using is quick and easy. we aim to have your payment to you within 24 hours.
My taxi is a non-runner, can i still sell it?
Yes, will buy any taxi irrespective of condition. one of our dedicated team will inspect the vehicle and quote you a competitive price there and then.
What if my taxi belongs to someone else, can i sell it on their behalf?
Yes, as long as we have written approval from the owner and the appropriate documentation.
If i have outstanding finance on the vehicle can deal with a finance company directly?
The staff at have direct experience of working with finance companies and we are quite happy to deal with your finance company on your behalf.
What type of taxi's do you buy?
Any, from rickshaws to 15 seater minibuses and every vehicle inbetween.
How do i get a fair valuation?
Our staff have over 20 years experience in the taxi trade and are fully up to date with prices of all vehicles. we will value your taxi in line with the current market value.
Is there a transaction fee?
No, at we want to make your life as simply as possible. therefore there is no added costs. the only figure you will be given is a valuation of your taxi.
How can i make an appointment?
There are three ways to contact us either; phone: 0845 147 0000 e-mail:, or fill in the online form on the contacts page of this website.
Will you collect my taxi?
Yes, one of our team will either drive your taxi away or organise it to be picked up at a time convenient to you.
What documentation will i need to sell my taxi?
Proof of ownership, (v5 form) current mot if applicable and service history. you will also need details of how you would like to be paid either bank details or the contact details of your finance company.
How long will it take to receive payment?
Our aim is to complete and transfer funds within 24 hours of agreement.
How will i receive my payment?
The quickest and easiest method of payment is through an electronic bank transfer however, we can also offer cash or pay a finance company directly on your behalf.
I cannot find my car on your website.
One reasons could be that your car is not of uk origin. another reason could be that your car is over 25 years old